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TNL Syndrome - TNL症候群 from Ren Kon on Vimeo.


-TNL Syndrome

Moon Lamp from Ren Kon on Vimeo.



寒食。時分 from Ren Kon on Vimeo.

Ben Forest
Ren Kon

The Wind Story Ver 1.0 風飍飍 from N Kon Re on Vimeo.

How would the wind told us he is coming?

When the wind is coming, the pages of books were flipped.

Poetic Animation and circuit device is the core of our installation.

Each place in Taiwan has its own customs, so we use the data of wind speed from CentralWeather Bureau to display the characteristic of different area.

We show seven places in Taiwan, Hengchun, Penghu, Chiayi, Yushan, Hualien, Hsinchu, and Taipei.

The motor is powered by the wind data of these places, and the book pages will be flipped by the gear on the motor.

This is our work of data visualization called “The Wind Story”.

C.C. Music : Elegant Background Music by Akashic Records

HUEnail from N Kon Re on Vimeo.


Designers : Ben Forest, Yellow New, Ren Kon, Yin Chun Li

CC music : Cheerful Lighthearted Pop-RockAlbum artwork by Akashic Records

Wearing and clearing Nail Polish take lots of time.
And buying many colors of nail polish also spend much money.

So, we present HueNail!

HueNail is a wearable technology, looks like traditional artificial nail, with flexible screen on it.HueNail can work in two ways:

i) Change nail color by picking a color in mobile application.

ii) Capture a photo and attach it on finger nails, no painting skill required.

HueNail shows a new perspective on wearable technology.
It provides fashion, social and fun features which traditional nail polish couldn’t offer.The technology nowadays can make HueNail come true.

Flexible screens, tiny wearable batteries ( Lithium-Ceramic Battery ) and small compute unit exist today.

Although those technology may not cheap enough to make this product. But it will be there in 2-3 years.

One Day a Sweet from N Kon Re on Vimeo.

One day a sweet!

TNL Syndrome - TNL症候群 from N Kon Re on Vimeo.

-TNL Syndrome